Welcome to the Madness

Hello Internet, how are you?  Doing well?  Has that little thing cleared up yet?  You know the one you got from the midget while you doing you know…well I do hope it has cleared up and that you remembered to take all of the antibiotics and I hear that the ointment should clear up the rash in a few days.

Yes it is I the Devious Imp and you may be wondering why I have called.  Well, I did want to make sure that the infection has finally cleared up because wow that was an impressive one wasn’t it?  But I did want to mention that from time to time I will be sharing little gems of humor (or at the very least things that have amused me) reviews of movies,  and random observations.  So gird your loins, hide your valuables and remember to leave a light on cause it is going to be a bumpy ride.