No I am not dead, work has been demanding and to prove I am not dead I will amuse you with a random selection of emails I get at work.  Names may or may not have been Dragnetted for their safety enjoy:

“I got word that the Crab Sandwich on Nine Grain Bread made someone vomit. How do you handle these situations? Is your fish supposed to be fresh? Where does it come from? Appreciate your fast response.”

I love this one because of its randomness.  One of the companies that I work with (and has nothing to do with food service) forwarded this gem to me.

“Also, for test 4, I don’t know what my order number was for test 3 so I cannot search the orders and cancel. “

I have no words…

“I have not been able to speak with my owners yet about the inventory”

But they let you send this email eh?

“We have completed all test orders, but packing slips are not available for download.  How should we proceed?”

That’s amazing.  Most people cannot complete the test orders until after they have downloaded the packing-slips…

Re: test case 1, how do I “download and save to your desktop the invoice adjustment file with an .xls extension”?  (insert sounds of me bludgeoning my skull against my desk)

Hmm I wonder if there might be some hint in there somewhere…