Brooklyn’s Finest?

There are a majority of Americans who just do not like cops.  They all have their reasons some of which are cultural, personal or simply because all the cool kids hate cops.  For myself I don’t hate cops in general they have a shit job.  Most of the time you only need them in the worst moments of your life the times when something dreadful has happened.  For more than a few people this leads them to make a negative association with the police.  It is unfortunate but it happens however I feel that for the most part people who become cops really do just want to help.

Now with all things and especially people there are more than a few bad apples because lets face it, power corrupts even the most noble of ideals and people. From a Hollywood perspective a movie about good cops just doesn’t sell which (at least in my opinion) means almost every movie about cops involves corrupt cops.  Brooklyn’s Finest certainly lives up to this particular cliché, what we have is basically a movie about Three cops who in themselves are almost painfully clichéd.  We have the (White) drug task force cop, the Thirty year veteran cop (White) and the (Black) career advancement obsessed undercover cop.  All Three of our main characters are burn-outs which is so tired and played out it isn’t funny.

You can almost predict the motivations for each of our characters.  The opening scene involves our task force friend sitting in a parked car (parked in a cemetery no less) talking with a tweaked out criminal.  Eventually the task force cop shoots the tweaker in the face and robs him.  We soon discover that he is apparently trying to single-handedly overpopulate the world.  Seriously, he has somewhere between Eight and Fifteen children and he has taken to robbing drug dealers in an attempt to buy a larger home for his family.  Our veteran is in his last week on the job and finally the undercover cop is trying to get his Detectives First Class by any means necessary.

The main problem with this particular movie is that you are never provided with a reason to give a shit about any of the characters.  You have an obviously corrupt cop stealing from criminals for albeit an understandable reason, an old drunk who just does not give a shit anymore and just wants to finish his time in peace and quiet and our undercover cop who is so one-dimensional it is painful.

OK, the entire premise of this film is that the lives of our three main characters are intertwined even though they never actually meet.  Actually I might even go so far as to say the main premise of the movie is that the Brooklyn Projects are bad mmkay.  At one point there is even a voice over describing how the Brooklyn Projects (henceforth know as BKPJ) has the highest amounts of drug related crime, murder and kidnapping.  The length of shadow cast by this foreshadowing comment is astounding…

So the 3 stories are thus:

1 – The task force cop does not have enough stolen money to buy a house to move his enormous family into.  He keeps taking riskier and riskier actions to get the cash he needs, eventually even going into the BKPJ to murder and ripoff a group of drug-dealers after a raid gets canceled.  His partner knows he is on the ragged edge and tries to offer some help but can plainly see that a bad end is coming soon.

2 – The Veteran just wants to end his tour in peace and quiet.  Because of his breadth of experience he gets first one and then another rookie to tutor.  The first rookie quits because he feels the Veteran is not enough of a cop for him after the Veteran tries to explain that he (the rookie) shouldn’t go haring off after every crime he sees.  Ironically the first rookie gets his ass killed doing that very thing later in the movie.  The 2nd rookie is more his speed but eventually ends up shooting a kid in a Bodega after they get called to a petty theft complaint.  Additionally our Veteran has a thing for hookers, and one night as he is leaving her (the hookers) apartment he sees a girl (obviously fucked up on some kind of drug) being hustled into a Van.  Ooh! More foreshadowing, tastes like obvious…

3 – The undercover cop is working a case against the largest drug-dealer group in BKPJ.  One that his best friend (recently out of jail on a technicality) is in charge of.  Because the friend has been released the FBI now wants to run the undercover cop and build a case to get the friend back behind bars.  The U.C. is doing his best to keep his friend from their clutches and just before a big bust happens he tries to convince his friend to back off from the deal.  While he is trying to get his friend to walk away with him, a lesser member of the gang who has been sensing weakness in the leader kills him in a drive-by at that very moment.

So how does all of these stories tie up I hear you cry?  Well, basically in a stew of suck.  The task force cop tells his partner he is going for a drink, the partner says he will go with him.  As the task force cop drives away he shoots his partners tire out and then drives to the BKPJ.  Where he breaks into an apartment and starts mowing down the inhabitants.  After killing several he makes his way into the kitchen and discovers money in a washing machine.  As he is pulling out the huge stacks of cash a dealer he missed puts several bullets through his careless ass and runs away.

At the very same moment the U.C. drives to the BKPJ to put a few caps in the gangsters ass that killed his friend.  After shooting a few others he chases the killer into the street where he guns down the killer in the middle of the street.  To the amazement of no one the U.C. gets shot in the back by the task force cops partner who has just pulled up. 2 down 1 to go…

The last connection makes the least sense.  The Veteran successfully retires, however on his way out he notices a missing poster for the girl who was hustled into the van the last time he was busting his nut. After turning in his badge and gun he makes his way over to his favorite hookers place where she is just finishing up with another client.  As she is cleaning up she invites him in and gives him a gold watch as a present.  He tries to convince her to move to Connecticut with him and predictably she refuses.  Disconsolate at this turn of events he leaves and happens to see the same van and same girl being hustled into it.

He follows the van to the BKPJ, finds the apartment she is being held in (with several other girls) and kills the 2 men holding them.  After calling 911 the movie ends with him giving a statement to a cop and then slowly walking away.  Seriously this is how the movie ends…