It’s clichéd…

While I am not completely against romantic comedy movies I do have to insist that they at the very least be interesting.  A stretch I know but there it is.  While away at the Shore (on the last night no less) the ladies in the family decided to put on “It’s Complicated“.  Now I must admit that the TV was dominated by the sports watching men and it is only fair that the fairer sex is allowed equal time but “It’s Complicated”? I cannot even begin to describe how painful this movie was.  There was absolutely nothing original about this movie, I mean it ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was original.  The entire movie was one gigantic fucking cliché, or more accurately it was a long string of clichés.

Ten years after the divorce and the youngest son is now graduating from College and the family flies in to celebrate.  Feeling vulnerable our main character Jane (how perfectly a generic name for this movie) gets loaded on booze and bangs her ex-husband.  Now they originally got divorced after having had the necessary 3 children (2 girls and a boy) because he finds a younger, sexier woman.  The new wife is of course 20 years younger than he is has 1,000% more energy than he does and wants to have at least 2 of his children.  At this stage they have had 1 of the desired 2 (making a total of 4 for him).  Since he has no desire to actually raise his 5 year-old son (new) he is anxious to be the swinging bachelor again and sees his ex-wife in a brand new light.

Of course “the sex” is fabulous for both of them and now he is completely re-interested in old ground.  Since we have not had enough clichés at this point we discover she is having an addition added to her house (enter the “new” love interest Adam the architect).  She of course keeps forgetting that she has made an appointment with him (throughout the movie) and he is nothing but patient with her.

Since there isn’t an original bone in this movies body lets skip ahead a bit:

  • She asks the psychiatrist if the affair is Ok? check!
  • Her daughters fiancé catches them going up to a hotel room? check!
  • He has a heart incident in the hotel room, and they have to call a doctor, and the fiancé sees the doctor going up? check, check, check!!!
  • Ex-husband is sneaking phone calls the exact same way he did when he was cheating on her? check!
  • Gaggle of girlfriends (hers) loves the idea of her cheating with her ex-husband on the younger woman who broke up her marriage? check!
  • Adam continues to pursue her for a date even though she keeps blowing him off? check!
  • The Ex fails to show up to an intimate dinner (his favorite) and he doesn’t call? check!
  • Cheesy internet speak? oh my goodness check!
  • Finally gives Adam a try, takes him to a party that the ex-husband will be at, while high, from a single hit of a joint? chhhheeeeeecccck!
  • The new wife figures out that her philandering husband is fucking the ex-wife at that same party? check!
  • Ex-husband leaves the new wife to get back with Jane? check!
  • The children find it really strange? check!
  • While taking a bathroom break during a video conference with Adam the ex-husband sneaks into her room naked, and Adam sees him, from the front and the back? big check!
  • Jane finally comes clean with Adam about seeing her ex-husband? check!
  • Adam is understanding? check!
  • They still get together at the end of the movie? check!

Folks these are just the highlights of the clichés, chick flicks do not actually need to be this bad.